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Middle Bass Island


Brig Niagara in Schoolhouse Bay Near Ballast Island, June 25, June 30, July 1, 2008


The US Brig Niagara arrived in Schoolhouse Bay off Middle Bass Island around 1PM on July 25, 2008. She spent the night anchored between Middle Bass and Ballast Islands and left early the next morning on her way to Port Huron, MI. Based in Erie, PA, she is a training ship that calls on various ports in the Great Lakes during the summer. She is available for public visitation in Port Huron from June 27-29, and will probably spend another night in the Lake Erie Islands on her return trip to Erie a few days later.


The Niagara returned on June 30 for another night, on her return trip from Port Huron to Erie. This time, the crew had time to sail around Schoolhouse Bay in some of the onboard sloops and also to do some group climbing on the foremast.


On July 1, we took pictures as the crew raised sails in preparation for a departure under sail power. The Niagara left Schoolhouse Bay around 3PM.


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Pictures from June 25, 2008

* Large Image

Brig Niagara Anchored in Schoolhouse Bay off Ballast Island


Pictures from June 30, 2008

Notice the party of people half way up the foremast.

* Large Image

The Niagara from the East Shore of Middle Bass Island, with Middle Island in the background

A small sailboat from Middle Bass takes a closer look.

* Large Image

Some of the onboard sloops out for a sail.

Pictures from July 1, 2008

View from the airport. We were there taking pictures of the eagles.

Starting to Raise the Sails

View from Middle Bass without zoom

More Sails Up - The Niagara is now leaving under sail.

Note the crew on the upper masts, getting ready to unfurl the topsails.

*Large Image

*Large Image

Middle Island is in the Background

*Large Image

Rear topsail is now open





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