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Middle Bass Island

State Park Marina Photos - July 13 and 16, 2008


(for ODNR News Updates, click here)


Text and Pictures from July 16, 2008


The dewatering is fairly complete except for small pools of water needed to keep fish and mussels alive until they can be moved. For pumping that didn't start until July 11, the results are impressive


The former Roesch's Marina

The former Roesch's Marina Boat Ramp

The former Roesch's Marina Boat Ramp from the bottom

View Towards the Former Middle Bass Island Yacht Club.

"Snake Lady" Kristin Stanford and some of her helpers can be seen searching for stranded water snakes.

Looking West Towards the former Roesch's Marina

Egrets and Herons in a View Towards the "Dam"

The Dam and Pump Area

Closer View of the Dam and Pump Area




Text and Pictures from July 13, 2008


Dewatering (drainage) of the Middle Bass Island State Park Marina finally started on Friday, July 11, 2008 after several delays. The last complaint to be dealt with was one filed with the Army Corps of Engineers to the effect that the dewatering would cause excessive siltation into Lake Erie. One islander commented that the Corp would probably understand that every rainstorm causes far more siltation from the Portage River, Maumee River and others. He also hinted that there was recognition that if dewatering didn't start soon, the standing water would become a major mosquito breeding ground. But those islander comments are not from an official source.


After less than 48 hours, the water level had already gone down well over 4 feet. So the drainage is occurring at the rate of 1.0 to 1.5 inches per hour. The water level is now close to the low natural water level we had with seiche conditions on Nov. 11, 2003.


At this rate, it will only take another 2-4 days to drain the marina.


The first picture below shows all the heavy equipment waiting to start removing the dirt from the center portion of the marina. Several of the pictures show the pump in action.


Note: If the water flowed out by itself, this would be called drainage. If it's pumped out, it's dewatering.




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