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Middle Bass Island

State Park Marina Photos - Taken August 24, 2008

A Few Text Additions Were Made on Aug. 29, 2008


(for ODNR News Updates, click here)


Rob Stanley, the marina project manager, took my wife and me on a tour of the construction site today, and we got some great pictures. I put my wife in a few of the pictures to provide a sense of the scale of the rock and dirt piles. The information below was given to us by Rob during the tour. I received a separate note from Scott Doty of ODNR that as of today, Aug. 24, marina excavation is only 60% complete.


Outstanding progress is being made on the Middle Bass Island State Park marina project. Even though de-watering didn't start until July 11, almost two months late, the project is close to being back on schedule and pumping water back in will probably start in early October. By the time the project is complete, 285,000 cubic yards of dirt will have been removed from the peninsula in the old marina. Most of the new marina will be 10 feet deep at mean water levels, with a few parts being deeper to provide a better habitat for fish. Some parts of the marina will have small stones in the bottom to provide a better spawning area for fish. Other parts will have the old nutrient-laden topsoil put back in to allow repopulation of the native mussels.


A new breakwater on the lake at the northern end of the marina is becoming very visible in the pictures below. It already extends about 150-200 feet due east out into the lake. At its current eastern end, the breakwater is beginning to turn towards the southeast, and it will extend another 250-300 feet south/southeast to provide protection from nor'easter storms. The breakwater is being built with 4-8 ton blocks of armor stone from Marblehead averaging 6 tons each. One barge load is 720 tons, and 60 barge loads have been brought in so far. This breakwater is forming the northern edge of the new marina entrance.


Much of the outline of the vernal pool in the woods in Parcel B is also visible now. Located about 50-100 feet north of the pool at St. Hazard's resort, the vernal pool will be about one foot deep and will provide a habitat for wildlife including salamanders, turtles and birds. Piles of wood visible in the photos of that area will provide a better habitat in the water there, as well as a perch above water.


It is the project team's goal to have the earthwork, new inlet channel excavation, armor stone revetments and embankments, pipe pile installation and re-flooding of the marina completed before October 15, 2008. Under a separate contract, the docks for the marina will be manufactured over the winter and they will be installed in the spring of 2009. Other facilities, such as the harbor master building, restrooms and showers will be constructed at a later date.


Looking east into the old Lonz marina basin

ditto, zoomed in a bit

Looking east. The grass on the left is growing where the Roesch/Yacht Club basin was. Note all the dirt removed to the right of that

ditto, looking northeast

Close-up of some rock piles in the Roesch basin, with my wife providing perspective

Looking south from the northeast corner

Looking east towards the new breakwater, from the northeast tip of the marina

The breakwater, which will form the north edge of the new boat channel



ditto, with a good view of the 4-8 ton rocks used

ditto, looking southeast


The beginning of the curve to the southeast at the end of the breakwater

View from the breakwater towards St. Hazard's condos

View from the breakwater west towards the marina


A snake trap in the water

ditto, zoomed out

Facing west from the southeast corner, looking at the old Lonz basin

ditto, showing two levels of depth. More grading of this will remove the center level.

Looking northeast towards the old Yacht Club basin, from the "dam" blocking the old channel.

The dirt mounds are the nutrient-laden soil from the marina basin that will be put back in for the mussels.

The pumps at the dam, with a snake hibernacula there

The barge in the old channel behind the dam

Looking west from the dam

Looking SSW from the dam

Marina panorama from the dam area

The panorama shows some deep excavated rectangular areas also visible in some of the aerial shots on other pages. Those were created for the slurry muck from other parts of the marina, that can't easily be excavated out, to be filled into. That avoids extra problems that would occur if they were to try and haul such a wet slurry out of the basin. It also answers the question of why the marina seems to be significantly deeper than ten feet below lake level in some spots.

Looking east towards the vernal pool located just north of St. Hazards


Close-up of the vernal pool showing woodpiles that are part of the new habitat. The wall of the pool can be seen on the right.

The high dirt pile in the rear is topsoil that will be put back on the ground at the end of the project

Close-up of one topsoil mound

The new campground area (extension of the old one) showing a topsoil pile in the back that will be re-used.




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