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Middle Bass Island


 33 Foot Searay Sinks in Schoolhouse Bay


Labor Day, September 1, 2008



The first two pictures were taken shortly before 4PM as we were taking off to take some aerial pictures of the marina and the islands. The third picture was taken about 45 minutes later a few minutes before we landed again. The next two pictures were taken around 6PM from the east shore facing east towards Schoolhouse Bay, and the last two were taken around 7PM as the tow boats figured out that they weren't going to be able to turn the boat rightside up and decided to tow it away mostly underwater.


Here's the story about the accident, from Robin Burris-Cadez:


A farmer and his wife from Michigan just got done with his corn, and decided to bring their 33 foot Searay down for a couple of days at the Bay. They hit the East Point reef off Middle Bass Island and thought they would try to get the boat to Put-in-Bay. Dale Burris from North Bass was on the scene by this time (just happened to be going by...he sure does that a lot). He told the guy he would follow him because Dale knew the bilge pumps weren't going to be able to keep up with the water coming in, but the guy said he still wanted to make a go of it. They didn't get far before the engines got swamped and cut out. Dale pulled up along side and the lady, in a panic quickly got in. She had just got out of the hospital after a six month stay following a car accident. The guy asked Dale to take them to the Bay. He decided after a day like that he might as well still get a room and drown his sorrows.


Webmaster's Note: There was also an overturned boat in Schoolhouse Bay during a bad storm 6 days earlier, on Tuesday August 26. It was reported to the police when it was about a quarter mile offshore. The Put-in-Bay police determined it was a large rubber raft and searched the water for occupants but didn't find anyone. The raft eventually washed up on the east shore just north of St. Hazards. It had broken loose from a dock at East Point. Before the storm was over, two more rafts broke loose at East Point and washed up just north of the east end of the new runway.





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