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Middle Bass Island

State Park Marina Construction Photos


Island Storm Damage from the Remnants of Hurricane Ike Last Night

Photos Taken September 15, 2008


My wife and I went out for about a two hour walk this morning. We first went to the Hazards condos to take some more pictures of the new marina breakwall. It is much longer than it was two weeks ago. We then walked in front of the condos and continued through the brush to the northeast corner of the marina, which allowed us to take a few marina pictures from a new perspective.


It rained heavily yesterday, so we're not sure how much of the water in the marina is from the rain, but most the visible water in the construction site is clearly from the storm.


The storm knocked the power out for 1-2 hours yesterday evening, and knocked over a tree at the Bretz farmhouse. But for the most part, the storm just knocked down branches in many places without causing any damage. We took a few pictures and were surprised at how good the lighting turned out because it was actually fairly dark in several areas. But the wind and rain from the remnants of Ike had clearly passed by.


I noticed today that the eagle's nest near the Kuehnle Wildlife Area is no longer there. I had heard that it disappeared in mid-July. I did see an eagle flying from the nest area to the ground today, but we'll have to wait for visible signs of rebuilding.



Area D North of Hazards with the terraforming looking complete

Muller Rd., Bretz Farmhouse

Gamble Lane

Harborview Dr

Grove Ave

Grove Ave

Sea Breeze Rd

Burgundy Blvd



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