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Middle Bass Island

State Park Marina Construction Photos

Photos Taken October 11, 19 and 25, 2008

Plus a Photo of the New Eagle's Nest Taken October 22, 2008

Contributed by Karl Steuk


The work on the basin is nearing completion and the weather has cooperated nicely to allow pouring concrete and performing final grading.  A small amount of Middle Bass HARD limestone is being removed along the north wall of the marina and that should be complete very soon.

Walk along the south channel wall

Boat launch ramp

The New Eagle's Nest Under Construction.

This is near the location of the old nest., which blew down during a storm recently.

View of the southwest basin wall taken from a dirt mound behindMy Aunt Irma's

Center View

Note that the dock support pipes are in place just waiting for the new docks in the spring

Boat launch ramp

Southeast corner of the marina showing the Middle Bass Island Yacht Club site

Notice the grass has been seeded and the raised mound for the new club house

A look at the almost completed channel

Notice the walkway along the south channel wall




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