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Middle Bass Island

State Park Marina Construction Photos (and Eagle's Nest Pictures)

Photos Taken November 3, 4 and 5, 2008

Contributed by Karl Steuk


The basin will ready for re-watering when the area of hard bedrock in the new channel is removed this week by blasting.  The dirt areas have been seeded and most areas show new grass.

Construction on the new water tower south of the school house has been started and will be completed in the spring.

The old channel had steel walls all the way to the lake, and all the steel has been removed and the concrete blocks have been taken out along the "old" north and south channel break wall.  This leaves some small rocks and dirt shown in the picture south of the "new" channel.  The old channel will be filled in with the material from the coffer dam leaving a new shoreline and a class 3 wetlands. 

Wednesday evening the contractor was seeding the area just north of My Aunt Irma's.  The mountain of dirt next to Irma's has been graded and remains.  We expect it will be used to fill in around My Aunt Irma's when the state takes possession of the store next year.

Grading south of Irma's was being completed Wednesday evening as darkness closed work for the night.  Most of the areas will be seeded by Thursday evening just in time for the weekend rain. 


Aerial View

You can see the old channel without the steel wall which was removed

Area to be blasted

Bedrock along the northeast basin wall in (left of center) next to the marsh is to be blasted out

Last of old channel steel wall is to be removed today

Coffer dam to be removed after re-watering process begins

Water will start to be siphoned/pumped in soon after blasting is complete and rock is removed from north basin area.

Bedrock to be removed

Bottom of channel showing hard bedrock down the center with a thin covering of clay and mud

Storage building relocated near the new water tower south of school house from Roesch property

New water tower foundation behind the school house

Removing the last steel from the old channel

Preparing to blast rock

Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest

Close-Up of Eagle's Nest




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