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More Pictures of Wehrle's Hall and the Wehrle Home, 1885-1920


After posting the 1860s picture of Wehrle's Hall a few days ago it occurred to me that other pictures of Wehrle's were not well organized and I decided to get a few more of them into a single gallery.

The first picture is from a Wittemann album published in 1886. Using "Louis Glaser's process", Wittemann started with photos and then enhanced them to make them lithographs that look like etchings. The image showing the view from the deck of Wehrle's is the only one showing the main dock at that time. Because of the time it took to produce these albums, the images are certainly from 1885 or a few years earlier.

The four images from 1892 are from the Jay Cooke Collection at the Lake Erie's Yesterdays collection at OhioLINK Digital Media Center and were contributed by the R.B. Hayes center in Fremont. Our copies below have been digitally enhanced and cleaned up somewhat. Because of the age of the images, they are not protected by copyright. Several of the pictures show the Wehrle home that was beside the hall and just east of it. Two of the pictures also show the rockery in front of the house and the remains of the rockery are still readily visible east of the Lonz Winery.

The 1913 postcard is misleading, because the Wehrle home had burned down in 1905.

Wehrle's Pavilion and the Hillcrest Hotel both burned in 1923. The hotel had been built beside the Wehrle Pavilion at the location of the former Wehrle home.

The last image is one of the last-known images of Wehrle's, from 1920,

To see even more Wehrle images, click here.

Click on a picture to enlarge it. After it opens in your browser, you can click on it once more (in most browsers) to enlarge it even more.


1885 or slightly earlier





1913 postcard

This postcard was mailed in 1913, but the Wehrle home had burned down in 1905

Wehrle's Hall, 1920

with the landscaping looking more than a bit neglected. This may be the last known image of Wehrle's.




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