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Middle Bass Island



Four Cottages Are Burned to the Ground - September 2, 1909



Billy Market of Put-in-Bay sent me a picture of the Put-in-Bay fire brigade on Middle Bass Island on what SEEMS to be Sept. 5, 1909. But the Sept. 5 date on the pictures looks a bit strange and is very likely to be Sept. 2 written incorrectly. If the pictures were really taken on Sept. 5, the fire was still smoldering significantly 3 days after it started and the entire PIB fire crew was still on MB.


Billy sent this to me on Feb. 26, 2009 with a birthday greeting. It reminded me that just last fall, I had finally found an article describing the fire and had never posted it. I had two other pictures of the fire and while Billy's was the same as one of the ones I had, it had many of the names of the fire brigade penned in.


I was tempted to wait with the posting until the 100th anniversary on Sept. 2, 2009 but decided it would be easier to get it over with and not risk forgetting.



Photo courtesy of Billy Market, with many names of fire brigade members marked.




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