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Middle Bass Island

State Park Marina

Photos Taken July 3, 2009


While I was taking these pictures I was able to overhear some of the boaters' conversations and was very pleased to hear nothing but very positive comments about the new marina.


The high ratio of sailboats was a pleasant surprise. With the limited docking for sailboats at Put-in-Bay, I think that the new Middle Bass marina will become very popular with them. And I noticed that the sailboats that would normally be anchored in Schoolhouse Bay weren't there, indicating that they found the marina a better alternative.


The first 8 pictures were taken facing east at early sunset between 7:00-7:30PM. The last 4 are HDR images taken just before 8PM. The first three of these were taken directly into the setting sun, while the last picture was taken to the northeast and is an image of the Middle Bass Island Yacht Club docks.


Text added July 6-8: The marina is fairly empty again this morning after the departure of the weekend visitors. On Friday evening, about the time I was taking these pictures, a Port Clinton police boat pulled in again briefly. It may have been involved in the boat rescue between Middle Island and Kelleys Island earlier that evening. On Sunday evening around 9PM we were surprised to see one of the red shuttle boats that normally operate between the Boardwalk and the harbor buoys at Put-in-Bay. It was at the end of the A dock at the Middle Bass Island State Park Marina, full of people, and was just pulling out. It turned out that it was picking up the Put-in-Bay folks that had been to the softball game on Middle Bass.


New Sign at the Marina Office

Let's see, I have to assume this doesn't apply to the Sonny-S, the Miller Ferry, the water taxis and most other island boats.

The first of 4 HDR images taken around 8PM


Technical Details (added by request):


The first 9 images were taken RAW with a Canon Powershot SX1. Initial processing in Canon Digital Photo Professional. Final processing in Photoshop CS4.


The last 4 images were taken as RAW autobracketed images (+/-2) with a Canon EOS 5D using a 28-105mm lens. Tonal mapping was done in Photomatix, and final processing in Photoshop CS4.

If the colors seem slightly oversaturated, it is probably because I processed the images at 7AM on July 4 with a bright sun in my eyes and could hardly see the monitor. But most viewers seem happy with the colors as they are.



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