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Middle Bass Island State Park


Information Update from ODNR


 July 10, 2009




At an informal island meeting this morning, Karen Beckman of ODNR gave us an update an various plans for the state park.


The state has applied for a grant for a bicycle and pedestrian path along the edge of the road.


Water and sewer systems won't be operational until next year. The water tower, when completed, will look much like the tower it is now and will not have a "bubble" at the top like most older towers. Electricity for the new docks is running behind schedule and will be available by Labor Day at the earliest.


The state has allocated $1 million for renovation of the Lonz Winery building and is actively looking for a partner to run a shop and perhaps also a restaurant there. The two old houses north and west of the winery building will probably be torn down.


The new marina currently has 258 docks including the yacht club docks and seasonal docks. Of those, 158 are transient docks. Currently, 32 seasonal docks are rented out of the 70 available.


Over the past July 4th weekend, the number of rented transient docks reached 150, but about half of those were not overnighters. The overnighters are taking advantage of the fact that they can leave their slips and come back, so they can go fishing or go on a day trip to another island and still have their dock when they return. Day slip renters do not have that privilege.


There are two courtesy docks beside the launch ramp but the signs for those, although completed, have not made it to the island yet.


Restrooms including showers will be built next year if funding from a watercraft grant is approved. Additional restrooms are also planned for the area at the launch ramp.


Plans for the building which currently houses My Aunt Irma's store are unclear at this time and depend on funding. The building will be turned over to the state this fall as previously planned. If no funding for a harbormaster office is approved the building may be moved 100 yards to the southeast to become that office. But the main goal is to leave the building where it is and to use it for campground check-in and other purposes.


Dredging will start outside the marina entrance very soon and will continue for 4-6 weeks. There is a spot about 250 feet from the marina entrance where the water is only 8 feet deep and that will be dredged to a depth of 12 feet. The current depth is adequate when water is high but is dangerous for sailboats and large power boats whenever the water level goes down.


Many people have asked whether the state plans to gas pumps at the marina and it does not. Also, the state has no intention of providing golf carts but does rent bicycles at the new marina, as well as a few brand new adult tricycles.




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