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 July 11, 2009


After some nice rain in the early morning, the weather cooperated and was perfect in the evening, except for fairly strong wind gusts. In the last picture below you can see the waves and in the next picture water from the waves splashed on the lens. The cruise then went into Put-in-Bay harbor where the lighting and everything else was beautiful, but both of my cameras had water spots on the lens by then. Next year I'll have to remember to take some lens cleaning cloths.


The cruise normally goes all the way around Middle Bass Island but stayed on the east side this year because of the rough water on the west.


Departure from the Middle Bass Dock at 7:15PM

Near South Bass Island and Perry's Monument

Off Ballast Island (in the background)

In the background is the eastern tip of Middle Bass Island with Hen Island (Canada) barely visible to the right

Middle Bass Island and the Lonz Winery at sunset

Rattltesnake Island on the left, and Middle Bass Island on the right

Another View of the Lonz Winery

Rattlesnake Island



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