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Ohio versus Michigan - Island Style - Put-in-Bay, Ohio plays Mackinac Island, Michigan, Friday, Dec. 11, 2009. - December 1, 2009

New Link Added to Info About the West Sister Island National Wildlife Refuge - The permanent link is on our Lake Erie Islands Links page- December 1, 2009

Updated History of Green Island - We added a great new photo of the Green Island Lighthouse around 1920 (Figure 3), The photo may be the best one anywhere of the old lighthouse. - November 28, 2009

Get a SEABOB. Jetskis are so last year! - November 15, 2009

After the Antique Car Parade on Middle Bass Island, Sept. 23, 2009 - November 15, 2009

Aerial View of the Middle Bass Island State Park Marina and Yacht Club - November 10, 2009

Middle Bass Island Halloween Pictures - October 31, 2009

Middle Bass Island State Park Awarded $1M for Bathrooms - Beacon.net, October 20, 2009

Article About History of Life Flight Mentions Middle Bass - Toledo Blade, October 18, 2009

Webmaster Visits Bass Harbor on MDI - After going to a wedding in Stonington, CT, we decided to visit Acadia National Park in Maine for a few days. We were surprised to find that the area is clled MDI (for Mount Desert Island, and that there is a town called Bass Harbor there. - October 18, 2009

Islanders Hope State Revives Winery - Fremont News-Messenger, October 17, 2009

Plan Started for East Point Nature Preserve - October 13, 2009

New Playground on Middle Bass Island - October 13, 2009

Photos of Seiche (Low Water) Conditions - October 7, 2009

Miller Ferry "Put-in-Bay" to be Lengthened by 40 Feet - October 5, 2009

Videos of Sunrises on Middle Bass Island - Sunrise October 1. Sunrise October 3. - posted October 1, 2009 updated October 3, 2009

New U.S. Quarter to Depict Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial in Put-in-Bay - Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 18, 2009

On This Day in History (Sept. 10, 1859): Perry's Monument to Close For Repairs Almost Exactly 150 Years After the First Attempt to Start Building It - August 24, 2009

Obituary of Paul "Sonny" Nagelbush - The Nagelbush family owns the cottage on the southwest corner of the Grove in the Middle Bass Club. - August 24, 2009


Pearls Unstrung - For a while, the Great Lakes weren’t connected by rivers and Niagara Falls was just a trickle - Science News Magazine - August 20, 2009


U.S. Court Rejects Tribe's Lake Erie Fishing Claim - August 20, 2009


Barbershop Concert on Middle Bass is on Aug. 15 at 7PM at the Town Hall - August 2, 2009


Middle Bass Summer Resident, Mike Guyot, will be at the 32nd Lakewood Arts Festival August 1st - He recently participated in the Middle Bass Artists’ Weekend at My Aunt Irma's Cottage. He said it was one of the most enjoyable show experiences all year. "I met great new friends and felt a part of the island that my family and I have grown to love over the past 12 years." - July 31, 2009

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory - Great brochures and information documents. See especially the new 2-page Lake Erie Foodweb PDF document from July, 2009 - July 26, 2009


Charity Bar Stool Auction on July 25 Was a Huge Success - July 25, 2009


Reception at the Town Hall on July 31 at the Beginning of Jim Siemer's Month-Long  Art Exhibit - Celebrating the Beauty and Splendor of  “Lake Erie Shores & Islands” - Watercolor Exhibit by Jim Siemer - July 25, 2009


A Golden Retriever Playing in Rough Water in Schoolhouse Bay on July 21 - July 24, 2009


Middle Bass Now Has Over 600 Electric Meters - Our meter reader told me that Middle Bass now has over 600 electric meters, which is up from about 400 15-20 years ago. If only they could read them in the winter. For a few years now, I pay every month in the winter (when my power is off) based on my summer usage, and then pay nothing in the summer while working off my credits. - July 24, 2009


Middle Bass Island Arts Week 2009 - Photos from the children's performance on July 18. Also see the Middle Bass Arts Festival 2009 site at shutterfly.com. - July 18, 2009. Updated July 24, 2009


Rattlesnake Island Local Post Issues 2009 Stamps on Aug. 14, 2009 - July 18, 2009


Update on Kim Glandon - July 18, 2009


Artists on the Porch at My Aunt Irma's is this coming Weekend July 18-19 - Middle Bass Island webmaster and island historian Mike Gora will have a very small number of the Middle Bass Postcard Posters for sale for $40. He produced one small run of these in 2004 and has just created a second small run. This year, the 24x36 posters are printed on heavy plastic and are not mounted as last time. Mike will also have most of his island books for sale. - July 14, 2009


Annual Church Picnic is at 5:30PM on August 1, with music by Obie Shelton - The Church of Middle Bass is holding its annual church picnic at the Town Hall at 5:30PM on Saturday, August 1. Obie Shelton will be playing church music on the violin after dinner. The church will be providing three meats and beverages. Guests are asked to bring a covered dish and their own utensils. CDs of Obie's music will be available. - July 14, 2009


Kim (Walter) Glandon, summer resident of Middle Bass, seriously injured in a swimming accident near Plain City, OH - July 13, 2009


Evening at Put-in-Bay, Sunrise at Middle Bass, July 12-13, 2009 - July 13, 2009


Obie Shelton Performs at the Church of Middle Bass, July 12, 2009 - July 13, 2009


Pictures from the Annual Sunset Cruise, July 11, 2009 - July 12, 2009


Middle Bass Island State Park Update from ODNR - July 10, 2009


J.F. Walleyes has a beer brewing clinic that’s open to the public on Saturday, July 11. - July 9, 2009


Middle Bass Charity Barstool Auction: Silent at 1PM, Live at 2PM, Saturday, July 25 at My Aunt Irma's - July 8, 2009


Middle Bass Island State Park Marina - Pictures Taken July 3, 2009 - July 4, 2009 - Text Updated July 6, 2009


Middle Bass Island State Park Marina - Pictures of Opening Day - July 1, 2009


Middle Bass Island State Park Marina To Open on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 - June 28, 2009; updated June 30, 2009


George Lonz Will Build New Dock - 1938 article about the creation of the old Lonz dock beside the main ferry dock, and the dispute with the Middle Bass Dock Company at that time. - June 23, 2009


Presidential Candidate William Howard Taft at the Middle Bass Club in 1908 - A collection of pictures and articles (PDF, 3.7MB). - June 23, 2009


Wonderful Isle St. George articles from 1955 and 1963 - PDF, 5MB - June 8, 2009


Civil War Records for Put-in-Bay Township - June 8, 2009


We're on the ferry, while our friends think we have been kidnapped in London - June 4, 2009


Letter from Dairy Air Bob: So Tom GRIFFING is the new AIRPORT MANAGER for the PIB AIRPORT - May 25, 2009


Middle Bass Island State Park Marina - Photos taken on May 24, 2009 during Memorial Day Weekend - May 25, 2009


Middle Bass Island Arts Week 2009 & Nature Camp Info & Forms (PDFs) - May 14, 2009

Scott Doty, former MBI State Park manager, earns state honor
Scott Doty recently received the 2008 Ohio State Parks Leadership Award. Doty has more than 29 years with Ohio State Parks with 10 years as regional manager of the Lake Erie Islands parks. - Port Clinton News Herald, May 13, 2009

Middle Bass Island State Park Marina Dock Map - May 11, 2009

Middle Bass Island Calendar - See all the new summer entries. - May 9, 2009

Jennifer's Middle Bass Island Photos on Facebook 50 great pictures. - April 30, 2009

Aerial View of Docks in the New State Park Marina - April 23, 2009

Additions and Corrections to the Wehrle Gallery - Since we posted the oldest picture of Wehrle's recently we are now adding what may be the newest and last one, from 1920. - April 14, 2009

The Middle Bass Volunteer Fire Department has a new Web Site The new site's calendar indicates that the Sunset Cruise fundraiser is on Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 7:30PM. - April 13, 2008

Boat slams into tug in St. Johns, FL, killing 5, injuring 9 - Our readers seem to like articles about pleasure boat accidents as a way to help learn to avoid them, and this one is for the record books. It's the first one we have published that did not occur on Lake Erie. The location is the dock being built as part of construction on the empty lot just west of this marker. There'e also a follow-up to the accident here. It occurred just after I finished reading the wonderful book How to Avoid Huge Ships, by Capt. John Trimmer. (The tug wasn't a huge ship, but the principles are the same.) No matter how much you think you know about driving a boat, you can learn more from Capt. Trimmer, if you can find the book at a reasonable price. It's apparently a cult classic. BTW, based on page hits, the most popular boat accident article on this site is Boat Crashes into/onto Mouse Island - April 13, 2009

More Pictures of Wehrle's Hall and the Wehrle Home, 1885-1913 - April 11, 2009

1860s or early 1870s Picture of Wehrle's Hall - Contrast this with the 1888 picture previously published here. - April 7, 2009. Updated April 11, 2009 with additional links to more pictures.

National Geographic channel to have special about Kelleys Island tonight There will be additional showings on 4/5 and 4/6 as well as later dates. If you have DirecTV, the next showing is at 10AM Sunday 4/5. - Port Clinton News Herald, April 2, 2009

New Luxury Hotel to Open in the Middle Bass Island State Park - Opening is Planned for July 1, 2009. - April 1, 2009


Fire Destroys Downtown on Pelee Island - also see a follow-up from April 1 here. March 31, 2008. Updated April 1, 2009


Ferry Schedule Starts This Friday March 27 - There were also two ferry runs to Middle Bass on Saturday, March 21. March 23, 2009


State Park Marina Updates From ODNR - Lottery Update and Other News - March 12, 2009


Island History: Lonz Marina Almost Complete, 1967 - The Lonz newsletter from 1967 (PDF, 2.3MB) has a great picture of the almost completed Lonz Marina, with the channel in the Yacht Club/Roesch Basin not finished yet. It also points out that much of the rock for the retaining walls came from the basement of the winery, under or near the deck that collapsed in 2000. - March 7, 2009


State Park Marina Updates From ODNR - Only 35 applications were received for the 70 slips available so all applicants will get a slip unless the slip length requests conflict with what is available, which is not very likely. The lottery on March 5 will mostly determine who gets the leases of different durations and different slip lengths. - March 2, 2009. Updated March 3, 2009


1929 Ford-Tri-Motor Sold for $1.21M in January - For fans of the former Island Airlines. You can view pictures of the plane or auction results. - March 2, 2009


Lake Erie Island Groups on Facebook - If you haven't signed up at www.facebook.com and explored it, you may be in for a surprise. Island groups include


Middle Bass Dockmasters


Middle Bass Island Clubbers


Middle Bass Volleyball and Cornhole


Miller Boat Line


Friends of the Bay


Friends of the Bay II


North Bass Island Reunion




Put-in-Bay Revelers


Put-in-Bay 2008


Put-in-Bay Widows


Splash Bar Put-in-Bay


I Peed in Lake Erie

and many more. Make the right friends on Facebook and you'll find pictures of the 2008 antique car parade on MB, historic pictures of PIB and much more. Also see the article Primates on Facebook. - March 1, 2009


Put-in-Bay in Winter - YouTube video by PutinBayTV, with links to more island videos. Watch carefully for some Middle Bass faces. - March 1, 2009


The Flora of the Erie Islands - Very nice free 1948 book with some Middle Bass pictures. PDF, 6MB. Also added to our bibliography - February 27, 2009


Middle Bass Island Town Hall News - with a Commemorative Brick Sale Order Form - February 27, 2009


Middle Bass Island School Board Summer Activities:


June 15-18. Nature Camp, ages 6-8. Also Environmental Adventure Camp, ages 9-10


June 22-24. My First Nature Camp, ages 4-5


June 22-25. Nature Camp, ages 6-8. Also Environmental Adventure Camp, ages 11+


July 13-18. Arts Camp. Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

Watch for registration forms this spring. Q's contact Kelly Halterman at 440-748-1939. February 27, 2009

Murray Announces Funds for Middle Bass Island State Park Construction - COLUMBUS- State Representative Dennis Murray (D-Sandusky) is pleased to announce the Ohio Department of Natural Resources release of $1,256,700.00 for the Water, Waste Water and Electrical Utilities project at Middle Bass Island State Park in Ottawa County. The Beacon - February 27, 2009

Island History: Four Cottages in the Middle Bass Club Burn, Sept. 2, 1909 - February 26, 2009

Middle Bass flag design contest deadline extended - The Board of Trustees for the Middle Bass Town Hall have decided to extend the application deadline for the "Design a Middle Bass Flag" contest until June. It was decided because not many designs have been entereed and the thought was that more people might get involved as the island warmed up. Designs should be submitted to Town Hall, PO Box 58, Middle Bass, OH 43446 - February 10, 2009

Response from Dan West of ODNR to Letter from 1/23/09 - February 9, 2009

1 Dead, Hundreds of Ice Fishermen Trapped on Lake Erie in Lucas County - Updated Feb. 9 with the story Family: Man who died on Lake Erie not on ice floe.


Read the story at the Toledo Blade, the NY Times, Sandusky Register, CBC.ca or Fox News. NBC News has an article and a video. For stories about area ice accidents in Februaries past, see our article. - February 7, 2009 Updated Feb. 9


Corrections Made to Green Island History - Footnote 7 and the caption for Figure 8 have been updated. The U.S. Coast Guard historic picture of the lighthouse on Green Island, OH turned out to be of Green Island, WI. - Feb. 7, 2009


Middle Bass Island State Park Dock Lottery Application - The deadline for applications is Feb. 25. Feb. 4, 2009


Snow and Ice Pictures from January, 2009 - Feb. 3, 2009


Letter to Dennis Murray, the local State Representative for the island area 80th district - Feb. 1, 2009


North Bass Island Ice Party on Feb. 21 - Note added 2/9: This has been re-scheduled from Feb. 14 to Feb. 21 because of weather. Let's hope for a good cold spell that will allow the party to take place.


Here's a news item I found on www.facebook.com, which has a group named "North Bass Island Ice Party Info":


"The Folks on North Bass Island will be hosting one of their famous ice parties, Feb. 14th, starting at 1 pm. It is going to be a Valentines Day Party, hobo style. So we will be serving chili, so please bring either a can or homemade. We also will be having hot dogs, so if any one would like to bring a side dish, or chips please do so. There will be hot spiced wine but we do ask you to bring anything else you want to drink."

"We will have a game or two set up to play, a bonfire, and a 50/50 raffle for the North Bass Church. This is a family friendly affair so bring the kids." And maybe someone will bring a new Lamborghini Ice Car, but I doubt it. - January 26, 2009 - Updated Feb. 7 and Feb. 9, 2009


Middle Bass Island Homeowners Not Happy with ODNR - ODNR has announced its plans for seasonal slips at the new Middle Bass Island State Park Marina, and they are not good for homeowners who are not year-round residents. (Note: This article is in a new format that allows reader comments, and was distributed privately to a number of people for review before being posted for the public. Please leave your comments.) - January 23, 2009


Walleye's Restaurant Is Open For the Ice Season - The walleye are biting, the ice is 10 inches thick, but has a lot of slush on it making transportation to the shanties off Rattlesnake Island a bit tedious, and sometimes treacherous! And the restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday from Noon to 8PM - January 23, 2009


 2008 News


 2007 News


 2006 News


 2005 News


2004 News


2003 News


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My Sweetest Libbie

A heart-warming true story of island life in 1886-87, never published before. MORE INFO


The limited edition Middle Bass Postcard Poster that was available at the artist's fair at Aunt Irma's at the beginning of August, 2004 is still available, by special order only.






Lake Erie Islands: Sketches and Stories


Major book about Lake Erie Islands History. MORE INFO





Lonz of Middle Bass - Reprint/Update of 1982 book.

All books are available at

My Aunt Irma's, Middle Bass


Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, Put-in-Bay


Country Cottage, Put-in-Bay


Maritime Museum, Vermilion


Maritime Museum, Sandusky


Border's stores in the Cleveland area


Ottawa City General Store, Catawba Island


Ex Libris book store, Marblehead


and at a number of other retail locations.


Or click on the link to order on the web.




Four Other Books in the Middle Bass Web Store - When did you last have the opportunity to buy 3 different books with "Middle Bass" in the original historical title (in addition to the Lonz of Middle Bass book mentioned above)? All 3 are reprints and have great pictures, but none of these has ever been reprinted before. The 4th is a Port Clinton reprint, but with a full-page ad for Wehrle's on Middle Bass that we have touched up and put on the back cover. Three of the books have LOTS of Put-in-Bay pictures. The books are also available at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society on Put-in-Bay.


"Middle Bass, Ohio 1877-1977" Centennial Booklet from 1977.


"Lake Erie Islands: Put-in-Bay, Gibraltar, Middle Bass, Kelley's Etc." 1886 picture book.


"Nichol's Handy Guide Book to Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass and Kelley's Island", a delightful tourist guide from 1888, newly typeset.


"Illustrated Port Clinton and Environs" with sections on Port Clinton, Catawba and Put-in-Bay, and a full page ad for Wehrle's Hall. From 1898.









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The Middle Bass Island State Park Newsletters and State Park Master Plan can fill you in on the status of the plans for the new park.



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