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The Earliest Known Letter Written at Put-in-Bay, from 1786 - December 12, 2011


The Receiver Had the St. Hazards Properties Padlocked Today - In the foreclosure action, the receiver placed padlocks on the condos that were still owned by St. Hazard's and on the pool and restaurant area at St. Hazards. Privately owned condos were not affected. - December 7, 2011


Island schools: Put-in-Bay student population stays afloat - Nice story and video about school on Put-in-Bay, with several references to Middle Bass islanders in the video. Also see the article Ohio Island Schools See Enrollment Shrink.- November 29, 2011 updated November 30, 2011


Update on the Complaint for Cognovit Justice and Foreclosure Filed Against St. Hazards and other Defendants - In the foreclosure action, a receiver was appointed on Nov. 22. See the court docket for details - November 29, 2011


Update on Lawsuit Filed Against City of Euclid by Ed Gudenas of St. Hazards Resort - October 17, 2011


Two New Articles About lsland History - The first article is about a journey across Lake Erie in 1797 by Isaac Weld, one that almost ended in disaster at Put-in-Bay. It is one of the earliest accounts of a visitor to the Lake Erie Islands. The second article is about the earliest car ferries used on the Lake Erie Islands, barges pulled by passenger ferries. - September 27, 2011


Photos of the Antique Car Parade on Middle Bass Island Today - September 21, 2011


The Pigeon That Wouldn't Leave Middle Bass - An island story. - September 20, 2011


Middle Bass Resident Opens Veteran Lounge at Univ. of Akron - Jay Musson of Grape Ave. unveils the name plaque at the dedication of the Musson Military Veterans Lounge - September 19, 2011


Middle Bass Island Sunset - September 15, 2011


Lakefront Property Owners Finally Win Their Rights - “This court has a history of protecting property rights, and our decision today continues that long-standing precedent.” - September 14, 2011


Great Boating Stories - If you like boat stories this blog by a New England towboat operator has lots of good ones. - September 14, 2011


Middle Bass Island Sunrise - September 13, 2011


Photos of Put-in-Bay Harbor - September 10, 2011


Homicide at Put-in-Bay on Tuesday, Sept. 6 - Also see the article at - September 8, 2011


Assorted Photos from July and August - Photos of cranes, herons, the Brig Niagara and the view from the Sonny-S. - August 11, 2011


Kasper Shiphouse Appears Friday on MTV's "Extreme Cribs" - It will be shown at 4:30PM and J.F. Walleyes restaurant is the place to see it on the island if you don't have a TV there. Sandusky Register, August 11, 2011


Idyllic Ontario Island for sale - Dirt Cheap - Nice article about Middle Sister Island (all 9.5 acres) being for sale. Note the wind farms in the background. From the August 8, 2011 Montreal Gazette. It reminds me of a story about the American who bought North Harbor Island in Ontario and brought all construction materials from Port Clinton to build a house, and then got in trouble with Canadian Customs when it was finished because none of the house had ever gone through customs. - August 10, 2011


Ohio Water Use Expert, State Sen. Tim Grendell, Says Lake Erie Water Levels Are Going Up By 24 Feet Per Day - He says water levels are increasing by 50 billion gallons a day, which equates to 24 feet per day, based on a surface area of 9940 sq. miles. No matter how this was calculated, I'm amazed that this Lake Erie water level expert didn't realize this "fact" was pure nonsense before he read it into the record. - Aug. 9, 2011


How to Get Your Car to Middle Bass Island Using Two Kayaks Instead of the Miller Ferry - .mov file, requires free Quicktime player. - August 8, 2011


Episcopal Church Were Held Today at 1:30PM in the Middle Bass Island Town Hall, for the first time in about 30 years. - Rev. Mary Staley of St. Pauls Episcopal Church held a worship service that had good attendance, and Ernie Hisey played the piano. Services will continue Sundays at least through Labor Day weekend Sept. 4. The heading of the new church bulletin that will be used on both islands is "St. Paul's Episcopal Church of South Bass, Serving South Bass and Middle Bass Islands". Services after Labor Day are uncertain at this point but they will definitely resume next summer at the latest. Islanders had tried several times to get the services restarted with no luck in the past. Several islanders who couldn't come today applauded the resumption of the services and indicated they will attend next week. - August 7, 2011


Photos of the J.F. Walleyes 5K Race on Aug. 6 - August 6, 2011


Kayak Rescue Off Starve Island Yesterday - A kayak with two passengers not wearing life vests overturned near Starve Island yesterday. The passengers were rescued. The initial report said that there had been a fatality, but this was apparently incorrect. - August 5, 2011.


Kelley's Island: Overnight Boat Accident Injures Four - Another boat hits a breakwall at night, this time in the early morning hours.. - August 5, 2011


Episcopal Church Services Will Be Held at 1:30PM Sundays in the Middle Bass Island Town Hall Starting Aug. 7 - Rev. Mary Staley of St. Pauls Episcopal Church on Put-in-Bay is reviving the Episcopal Church services that we used to have on Middle Bass, starting on Aug. 7 at 1:30PM and then weekly for at least the rest of August. Fall services are uncertain at this point but services will continue next summer at the latest. St. Paul's held services on Middle Bass for many years but they were dropped at some point as a by-product of a switch in pastor. Members of all types of churches are welcome and are encouraged to participate. - August 3, 2011


One Dead, Two Injured in Boat Crash near Middle Bass Island - One person died and two suffered severe injuries late Tuesday when their 25-foot inflatable boat crashed into a breakwall near Ballast Island, just east of Middle Bass Island, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Sandusky Register. Update at 4:10PM with the names of the passengers. - Fremont Messenger . Added by the webmaster via local contacts: The boat driver was Don Dunn of Put-in-Bay who was the least seriously injured. If you have a Facebook account you can view him and his boat here. He and his boat have been at the beach at Schoolhouse Bay on Middle Bass almost every day recently, and I'm fairly sure he was there from about 5-6PM the afternoon of the accident. Two women had missed the last Jet Express back to Kelley's Island and he offered to take them just as the storm was starting. After the accident, he managed to call someone at the Boardwalk and they called 911. The fatality was one of the young ladies. The driver, Don Dunn, is a licensed captain who works at the harbor taxi and gas pumps at the marina at the Boardwalk and is known by many islanders and visitors. - August 3, 2011


Also see a later Toledo Blade story.


Great Video of a Plane Taking Off at East Point Airport on Middle Bass and Then Showing Many of the Islands From the Air. - August 1, 2011


Lake Erie Watercolor Exhibit in the Town Hall Thru Sept. 11 - Middle Bass Island artist Jim Siemer is having an exhibit of his Lake Erie watercolors in the Middle Bass Island Town Hall from July 23- September 11. You can see some of his work at Also see the recent article about Jim here. - July 29, 2011


Tax Dollars Well Spent - You may have heard about the new $25 million U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Sandusky Bay Station on State Route 53 over on Catawba. Tha's a pretty steep price to pay for officers to stop Middle Bass Islander Robin Glauser from boating to work at The Ohio State University's Stone Lab dining room on Gibraltar Island one morning in June at 5:30 a.m., but then Robin is a pretty suspicious character. - Article courtesy of the July, 2011 Put-in-Bay Gazette - July 28, 2011


Miller Ferry Rescues 3 from Overturned Canoe - Big thumbs up to the crew of the M/V Put-in-Bay who pulled a couple and an 8 year old out of the water in an overturned canoe by Starve Island yesterday, July 16! Good job Capt. Eric Engle, Mark Keiser, Bree Reynolds & Bill Trisler. They dropped the ramp on the bow and pulled the family and canoe out of the water. By the time two Coast Guard vessels and a police boat arrived, the M/V PIB was ramp-up and turning towards Catawba.. - July 17, 2011


Island Sunrise Photos from July 14, 2011 - With moonrise photos from the same day added in the evening. - July 14, 2011


Middle Bass Island Sunset Cruise Photos from July 9, 2011 - Photos from the annual fundraiser cruise for the Middle Bass Island Volunteer Fire Department. - July 10, 2011


State Park Marina and Schoolhouse Bay Boating Photos - Taken on July 3. - July 4, 2011


Man's Body Found Floating Near Kelleys Island - Port Clinton News Herald, July 4, 2011. Update at 1PM: Body identified as that of a 53-year-old Michigan man. There were also numerous minor boating incidents during the past two days including a boat that ran up the stones on the west wall of the Middle Bass Island State Park Marina on July 2 and was then pulled off, and a fishing boat fro Catawba taking on heavy water on July 3 that was towed into our State Park Marina and beached on the ramp to be pumped out and hauled out. - July 4, 2011


Middle Bass Island History at the Maritime History of the Great Lakes Site - Mostly info about commercial shipwrecks near Middle Bass, but also other info - June 27, 2011

"Meet Middle Bass" Article in Lake Erie Living Magazine - June 27, 2011


2011 Put-in-Bay Road Race Events Start Today and Continue Next Week- June 23, 2011.


2011 Middle Bass Island Open Winners Posted, with Pictures - June 20, 2011.


National Stats on Boating Accidents - All kinds of interesting facts for boaters. - June 19, 2011


The 2011 Middle Bass Island Arts & Crafts Show will be in the Town Hall on July 23, from 11AM to 6PM - Continuing in the tradition of the arts show that was held at my Aunt Irma's every year, this will be the second year that the show is being held in the Town Hall. The Call for Art is attached. A Wine, Cheese & Jazz reception from 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM will offer Middle Bass Island residents an opportunity to mingle with their local artists. - June 14, 2011.


Officials break ground for Portage Township border patrol office - Interesting article about the large new Sandusky Bay Station being built. This appeared in the Port Clinton News Herald on June 9, 2011. Then this morning there was an article in the NY Times, Security Checks on Boaters Disrupt Idyllic Life on the Hudson, that made me hope that recreational boating on Lake Erie won't be quite the same as on the Hudson. - June 11, 2011


THE SWAMP MONSTER CHRONICLES: The Mini Monsters of North Bass Island - Swamp Monsters is a documentary television series that follows Coyote Peterson and his crew on their quest to capture, photograph and release a new World Record Common Snapping Turtle. These daring expeditions into the swamps and marshes of Ohio will produce some of the most intense and vivid footage of turtles ever witnessed. - June 1, 2011

Perhaps the Oldest Known Picture of the Lonz Winery, from 1935 or 1936 - George Lonz started building his winery in 1934 on top of the old Wehrle wine cellars. This early picture without the tower is very different from later ones. - May 31, 2011

Google Statistics on Seasonality of Searches for "Middle Bass" - New Google "Correlate" lets you graph frequency of search terms. Note how this shows that summer searches in 2008 were much lower than usual. That was the year the marina was closed. - May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011 - Views of Boats and Docks at Middle Bass Island and Put-in-Bay - May 29, 2011

Stan Gebhardt to Leave Middle Bass Island and Become Director of the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport - Stan Gebhardt, who runs the Great Escape Water Taxi service, will be leaving Middle Bass Island and his position as chief of the volunteer fire department to become the full-time director of the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport in Port Clinton. The change will take place in June, with Stan replacing outgoing director Jack Stables, who will work with Stan through July. Excerpted from the Sandusky Register, May 20, 2011. - May 23, 2011

Fire Destroys Boat at Foxhaven Marina on Catawba Island on May 18 - A combination of a propane heater and canvas coated with Scotchguard was not a great combination. - May 22, 2011

3 Documents Available for the Middle Bass 2011 Nature Camp - Click for the Cover Letter, the Tentative Schedule and the Registration Form - May 22, 2011

Boating Accident Off Lutes Point Today - Info and picture courtesy of Rescue Marine - May 22, 2011

New Historic Photo of the Dock Area in 1883-84 - The photo clearly shows another small building in the main dock area between the Stacey's/Wehrle's/Lonz building and the dock huts. That building was probably removed when Wehrle's residence was built beside the wine pavilion. The building also appears in a lithograph that is in the same web album this photo is in, but this is the only known photo showing it. (The images are viewed best as a full screen slide show.) - May 5, 2011

Middle Bass Town Hall Newsletter - This year the Town Hall Board is offering a 50/50 raffle for May, June, July and August. Tickets are $1 each. Drawings will be held on the 29th of each month. Please write your name and phone number on the back of the returned stub. Winners will be notified by phone. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Middle Bass General Store or from a Board Member. Contact Dianne Demer for more information at (419) 285-5761. - April 27, 2011

Slide Show with Photos of Ships of the Tsunami - Amazing presentation of what water can do to ships. - April 24, 2011

MIddle Bass Island Article in Lakeland Boating Magazine - April 18, 2011

Middle Bass Town Hall News - Attached are the revised bids to show the window replacement committee's recommendation to get bids for both repairing the existing windows and replacing the windows. The Town Hall will be putting a window repair or replacement project and the lawncare up for bid this year. Because we use public funds to pay for projects, we have to put these projects as well as future projects open for bid. Please refer to the attached bids if you are interested because the bid submission deadlines are APRIL 22nd with pre-bid meeting on APRIL 12. The bid notifications will also be posted in the April 2011 PIB Gazette and at the Middle Bass Post Office but we wanted to give you a "heads up" in case you are interested in bidding on the projects. See the Lawn Service RFP or the Window Repair RFP or the Window Replacement RFP.

If you have any questions, please contact Marie Rader about the window replacement project: 216-408-8138, and/or Teddi Pertner about the lawncare: 614-327-4818,

We are working on a newsletter. If you have information that you want included, please call or email Marie by March 31st. We hope to have the newsletter mailed out to the addresses we have from the MBI Volunteer Fire Department in early April. - March 28, 2011. Updated April 7, 2011

Photos of the Middle Bass Marina Before and After Construction - Plus photos of a few other marinas, from the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - March 21, 2011

ODNR Awarded Close to $2M for Middle Bass Island State Park Work - March 14, 2011

New Facebook Comments Page on This Site - Facebook recently made it possible for users to post Facebook comments at other sites, so we added a Facebook page to the Middle Bass site here. You must be a registered Facebook user to leave a comment. - March 5, 2011

New Middle Bass Island Calendar - We finally found a great calendar that allows individuals and organizations to add and manage their own events. If you represent a non-profit on Middle Bass Island or advertise on the Middle Bass Island site, send an email to webmaster at to request a userid and password. If you represent a non-profit on one of the other Lake Erie Islands, we would also be glad to consider your request. - March 1, 2011

ATV Rider Falls Through Ice - Sandusky Register. - February 21, 2011

Power Outage on Middle Bass Island - Port Clinton News Herald. - February 21, 2011

Lonz Winery Plans Move Ahead - From the Sandusky Register, Jan. 25, 2011. - February 14, 2011

Historic Snow and Ice Photos, Including One From 100 Years Ago Today - On this day in 1911, the steamer "Tourist" got stuck in the ice. A photo of that is in the gallery. - February 9, 2011

Divers Discuss Possible Future of R.I. Wreck - This is a follow-up to the story posted below on Jan. 7 about the shipwreck of Perry's Revenge. - January 22, 2011

Video: Wintertime at the Lake ... Life Goes On - Great Ice pictures, plus the Sonny-S in dry dock. Also see more winter pictures here, posted by "Boardwalk Upper Deck" on Facebook. - January 10, 2011

Perry's Revenge Shipwreck Found in Rhode Island - Sandusky Register. And there's another article in the Toledo Blade. Also see the news from the original source in Stonington, CT.- January 7, 2011

Seabreacher: A New Type of Boat, Available This Year - Be the first to have one on Lake Erie. - January 7, 2011

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