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Middle Bass Island Sunrises and Sunsets 2012 - December 16, 2012

Bass Islands more laid back as you go North - Sandusky Register article and video about North Bass Island - September 23, 2012 - There is also a follow-up article More Photos from North Bass Island from September 24, 2012.

Middle Bass Island Antique Car Parade - September 12, 2012

Sunset at Middle Bass and the Memorial Harbor Light Flares at Put-in-Bay - September 8, 2012

Jet Express Excursion to Transfer of Command Ceremony in Cleveland - August 30, 2012

Middle Bass Island State Park Programs on 8/31 and 9/1- 8/31, 7PM: Spiders. And 9/1, 10AM: Butterflies. - August 28, 2012

Aug. 16 News from the St. Hazards court docket - For those of you following the St. Hazards story, "MR. GUDENAS, HAZARDS, REAL AMERICA, & U.S. ERIE ARE FOUND TO BE IN CONTEMPT OF COURT..." according to the Aug. 16 entry here. - August 18, 2012

Photos from the Hook, Line & Sinker Auction at the Middle Bass Town Hall - July 28, 2012

Coast Guard Helicopter Rescues 3 from Shipwreck on East Point Reef - Around 11:15 today we saw two towboats near the reef. Then the Border Patrol boat arrived. A few minutes later, a Coast Guard helicopter showed up. So we got in the car, drove to East Point, and were in time to see the last two people rescued from the boat, which reportedly had a big hole in the hull. The wreck was 300-400 yards offshore. The last photo was taken at 11:59AM. The boat was still there 8 hours later. It couldn't be towed because of difficult water conditions and serious hull damage. - July 28, 2012


The Middle Bass Island Arts & Craft Show Will be Held at the Town Hall on Aug. 18, 2012 from 11AM - 5PM - A Wine, Cheese & Jazz reception from 4:00 pm until 5:00 pm will offer Middle Bass Island residents an opportunity to mingle with their local artists. Also see the Call for Art if you would like to participate as an artist.- July 8, 2012

Middle Bass Island Sunset Cruise Photos from July 7, 2012 - Photos from the annual fundraiser cruise for the Middle Bass Island Volunteer Fire Department. - July 8, 2012

Would You Like to Help with Bird Banding? - Tom and Paula Bartlett will be banding birds at the Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve the week of September 24. If anyone is interested in viewing or helping with the banding, please contact Tom at or Times and a schedule will be available later. - July 7, 2012


Scientists predict mild algae blooms this year on Lake Erie - Parts of the video were filmed in Schoolhouse Bay with Middle Bass Island in the background. - July 6, 2012


Help Wanted - Weekend help needed at the Middle Bass Island State Park Kayak Rental. Get paid to be on the beach! Please write to . - July 4, 2012


JiBaro Tiki Bar and Resort opening July 4 at St. Hazards - June 25, 2012


Photos of the Declaration of War Re-enacted at Perry's Monument - The story is in today's Port Clinton News Herald. - June 19, 2012


Charlene Ramsey Passed Away on June 10 - Charlene and Roger Ramsey were always together on Middle Bass Island during the summer. A Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, June 24 in Stony Ridge. Read her obituary. - June 18, 2012


Middle Bass Island Photos Taken June 8-14, 2012, Including Two Different Sunrises - June 14, 2012


Bankruptcy Filing of Real America, Inc. is Dismissed - In federal bankruptcy court in Toledo yesterday, June 11, 2012, the U.S. Trustee's motion to dismiss the bankruptcy filing of Real America, Inc. was approved. Earlier in the same hearing, the debtor's motion to use cash collateral to continue operating was denied. Those were the only two motions on the agenda of this hearing, which was presided over by the Honorable Mary Ann Whipple. Real America and its sole shareholder, Ed Gudenas, own and operate parts of the St. Hazards resort on Middle Bass Island including the restaurant and pool.

The judge stated her belief that the summer budget to operate St. Hazard's (submitted in a hearing last week), as well as a revised budget submitted at the hearing yesterday, were both unrealistic, and that any additional costs might end up having to be paid by the creditor, Citizens Bank. The judge stated that the bank wants to take care of the property and will now do that again. She stated that she can't allow the debtor to continue operating the property and possibly running up costs for the bank. She also said explicitly that the risk is too substantial to allow this business to go on on its current form.


The background of this case at the state level is still here and is still being updated regularly. - June 12, 2012


Update on June 14: The judge's two orders in this case have been issued and can be found at Order 1 and Order 2. - June 14, 2012


Mock Re-Declaration of War to Kick-off War of 1812 Bicentennial Events at Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial on June 18, 2012 - Click the previous link to see the press release. You can also download a rack card or an event poster. - June 11, 2012


A Nice Article About a Recent Trip to Middle Bass Island - June 11, 2012


Middle Bass Island, Ohio State Park and Marina - A video posted by Lee Hisey.- June 11, 2012


St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Put-in-Bay is Restarting Its Summer Services on Middle Bass - Services start this coming Sunday June 10. Services will be held every Sunday thru Labor Day at 1:30PM in the Town Hall.- June 11, 2012


Middle Bass Island is Getting Ready for More Visitors - A new island photo gallery. - June 3, 2012


2 Men Rescued Today After Kayaks Capsize off Middle Bass Island. - Also see another later and longer story about this here. - June 2, 2012


Barbershoppers Are Short of Housing for August 10-11 - Barbershoppers need housing on Middle Bass for the nights of August 10 and 11, 2012. If you can help out send an email to Pat Echko at - May 22, 2012


Belle Cartledge's 90th Birthday is This Month - The family knows she would appreciate getting 90 birthday cards. From Mary Jo Cartledgehayes: "She has memory problems but nonetheless remembers names, faces, relationships, and island events with clarity and gusto. Her address is Joanna Belle Cartledge, Meadowview/ 83 High Street, Seville OH 44273 USA.

"(The best part about cards is that they keep on giving; I reread them to her each time I visit, and so the thoughtfulness is ongoing.)" - May 19, 2012


Hook, Line & Sinker - The 2nd Charity Art Auction to Benefit the MBI Fire Department, MBI Town Hall and Stein Hospice is on July 28 - Donations are needed. See the Hook, Line & Sinker flyer for more information. - May 19, 2012


Middle Bass Island 2012 Nature Camp and Arts Week Info and Registrations are Online - The Nature Camp is on June 18-22 and June 25-29 this year. The Arts Camp is on July 9-14 this year. - May 17, 2012


Middle Bass Island is the place to go for rest and relaxation - Cleveland Plain Dealer article. - May 11, 2012


Dan Blatt, the Brewmaster at J. F. Walleyes, Announces Plans to Start His Own Brewpub in Lorain - April 27, 2012


Historic Photos of Middle Bass Island, North Bass Island, Middle Sister Island and Pelee Island - A new collection of 14 assorted historic island photos. - April 22, 2012


5 Old Obituaries:- Obituaries of Frederick Bretz (3/22/1935), Herman Bretz (10/8/1943), Mrs. Fred Bretz (3/13/1925), Dr. Theodore Griest of Put-in-Bay (2/23/1923) and Dr. & Mrs. George Edam of Put-in-Bay (2/23/1940). I found all of these online somewhere about 2 months ago and had forgotten about them. You can also read more about the two Put-in-Bay physicians who died in ice accidents here. - March 28, 2012


An Island Story from 1875- About a visit to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass by a group of physicians attending a conference at Put-in-Bay, with a reference to Middle Bass Island as the "Put-in-Wine Island". - March 21, 2012


The St. Hazard's Website is Alive Again- It is just offering rentals at this point..The receiver has contracted with Middle Bass Rentals,which has an excellent and long-standing reputation of handling many island rentals, to provide that service.- February 29, 2012


First 2012 Arts Camp Notice: - Art camp July 9-14. Nature camp June 18-22 and June 25-29. Watch for save the date postcards soon. - February 24, 2012


Visual Evidence/E-Discovery and the Role This Cleveland Company Played in Lonz Winery Lawsuits - February 18, 2012


Island Life Video - Wonderful video of Margie Wolf explaining life on Middle Bass Island. - February 17, 2012


"Erie Island Mirror" - Middle Bass Islanders Doug and Belle Cartledge published the first issue of "Erie Island Mirror" in December, 1949. Here are a few excerpts. - February 8, 2012


Euclid settles lawsuit filed by former mayor candidate Edward Gudenas - February 4, 2012


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