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2016 Create Camp on July 18-22, sponsored by the Middle Bass School Board, was a great success. See the summary.
Click here - Sept. 7, 2016

Additional Donations Needed for Town Hall A/C work.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS = SMALL SHORTFALL for MBTH AC Project! The great generosity of over 70 Island families and individuals, and the barbershoppers raised sufficient funds to complete the AC installation as originally planned. However, a major modification was required (installing a refrigerant pump in the attic) to avoid locating any equipment alongside the building to adequately serve the lobby area. In addition, an air curtain was installed over the front entrance to make the system much more efficient. The funds also were used to pay for upgrading electrical wiring for the kitchen area, and the the need to bring it up to current codes.
These changes / improvements, together with unanticipated permitting fees (of nearly $500) put the total cost $1,200 above what has been raised. Therefore, it is hoped individuals who have not yet made their donation will now do so and together this will close out the project. Thank you.
To support this upgrade of the Middle Bass town hall please send a tax-deductible check to: MBITH AC PROJECT, and mail to Teddi Pertner, MBI Town Hall, Middle Bass Island, OH 43446. )
MBITH AC Project Team - June 11, 2016

2016 Arts Camp Application Form Has Arrived. Save the dates: July 18-22.
Click here - June 11, 2016

2016 Nature Camp Application Form Has Arrived
Click here - April 15, 2016

2016 "The Random Workshops of Art" Announcement
Random Workshops of Art will be held two days each week during the month of June. You can view the schedule here and/or send an email to for a registration form.

Middle Bass Island Historic Photo Book Announcement
If you're waiting for an update on the Middle Bass Island historic photo book that will be available in June, here it is. The book will be an 11x13 coffee table high-quality photo book, with most photos being very high-res. It will cost about $110 (estimate) and will be produced in a single printing of 100 signed and numbered copies. I haven't found a way to mass-produce this at lower cost. To reserve a copy, send a check for $50 to Michael Gora, PO Box 87, Hayesville, NC 28904. Or you can pay by credit card via Paypal to mike @ (take out the spaces in the email address). Numbers will be assigned as the payments arrive.

I finally found a way to create a miniature PDF preview, in which the quality of all photos has been reduced. So you can preview a copy with 80% of the photos (and with text partially incomplete) at 20% of the real size and with the quality lowered. The preview is here. - February 15, 2016

January, 2016 Middle Bass Town Hall gets a ‘new life!’
Remember Middle Bass Store as the ‘go to’ place for provisions?? Year upon year - for decades - it faithfully stocked the basics: frozen, canned and fresh foods, paper goods, beverages, condiments, ice, a paper, etc., and parts for the handyman you must be on an island. Then Jerry Sheller had a bigger vision: He added onto his building for a future restaurant. The expansion took place, and after a few years his vision finally became a reality (with Joe Hart and Eddie Sheller co-managing).

Middle Bass Store is now a gathering spot - a center of activity; where islanders mix and mingle, visit, dine together, have a drink. They make plans to meet there – again and again! It is very social, and has added to the quality of life on the island!

The Town Hall will have a ‘transformation’ too! When it is air conditioned (late April) and comfortable all summer long it will ‘come to life’ as a great place for scheduled events. Islanders will quickly find more and more uses for it, and to get together socially.

Funding for the AC project is progressing as more and more islanders have become ‘project partners’ by making a donation. (The retail cost of AC ($30,000) will cost just $16,900 – and we have now received $10,400.) We need to raise an additional $6,500 before April.

Please make your tax-free donation to MIDDLE BASS TOWN HALL AC PROJECT. Send your check to: Teddi Pertner, P.O. Box 75, Middle Bass, OH 43446. (The Town Hall is 501c3 tax exempt, and you will receive a receipt to file with your taxes).

The AC Project Team.*

(*A small group of Middle Bass businessmen who volunteered to raise the funds and manage the implementation for the Town Hall Board)

To view the Town Hall's letter accepting this generous offer, Click Here - November 1, 2015

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My Sweetest Libbie

A heart-warming true story of island life in 1886-87, never published before. MORE INFO


The limited edition Middle Bass Postcard Poster that was available at the artist's fair at Aunt Irma's at the beginning of August, 2004 is still available, by special order only.






Lake Erie Islands: Sketches and Stories


Major book about Lake Erie Islands History. MORE INFO





Lonz of Middle Bass - Reprint/Update of 1982 book.

Books are available at

Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, Put-in-Bay


Maritime Museum, Sandusky


Ottawa City General Store, Catawba Island


Ex Libris book store, Marblehead



The Middle Bass Island State Park Site can fill you in on the status of the new park.



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