Middle Bass Island Dock Update

August 27, 2010

The demolition of the Middle Bass Island dock building started this week, with the major part of the demoition scheduled to occur on Monday, August 30. Parts of the building are over 100 years old, and the new replacement building is scheduled to be completed early in November. During construction, dockmaster facilities are in a temporary trailer at the dock. The new building will cost just over $1 million. It will have a dockmaster office at the south end, a waiting room for the Sonny-S ferry at the north end, and freight storage areas and a garage in the middle.

This week, asbestos shingles were removed from the old exterior. While most of the new construction will be fairly standard, some PVC pipes will be placed under the building to allow for water snake hibernation.

Miller Ferry traffic to Middle Bass Island has remained about the same for the past five years, with roughly 40,000 passengers and 20,000 vehicles crossing each year. But the number of passengers and cars leaving on Sundays has become a problem. So starting in 2011, on Sundays only, no parking will be allowed at the dock. Pickup and dropoff will still be allowed, but cars will then have to leave the dock area. The Middle Bass Island State Park has provided a free parking area across the street from J.F. Walleyes restaurant close to the dock. Parking there is limited to 24 hours.


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