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Middle Bass Island State Park Marina Updates


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received and posted August 29, 2008


As promised from the update 8/24 -  here are a few more details I thought you would find interesting.

bulletNew Channel Entrance taking Shape:  We have begun building the North breakwater of  the new entrance, on the left side of the picture.  The S. wall is just being started (center) .

These break walls will have armor stone, each stone weighing 4 - 8 tons used to protect them from being washed out during heavy storms.  A total estimate of 24,050 Tons will be used to build the most exposed areas.  One barge load carries approximately 730 Ton of armor stone as it comes to the island.  These new entrance walls will be completed within the next few weeks.


bulletMarina Basin Excavation Progress:

The N.W. end of the old marina basin has always been known to have a rock bottom and be shallower.  Here is a picture of some of the rock excavation being done on the northwest end of the marina basin.

The dirt removal of the peninsula should be completed this week.  The excavating of the entire basin is approximately 85% completed as of this week. 

bulletAs some of the excavating work nears completion, there are a couple of parcels that have been used for fill placement.  Two of these areas will be seeded over in the next few weeks.
bulletOur target date of being completed with excavation work within the basin, placement of pipe piling for docks, and shore lining within the marina as well as outside shoreline is still on track for the end of October.  The contractor has been working diligently to keep to this time line.
bulletDock Construction:
bulletWe have had a pre construction meeting with the contractors.  We hope to have final notice to proceed with in the next couple of weeks.  Docks will be built over the winter.  Electrical, plumbing & fire suppression work will be integrated with the dock construction as plans call for and work on site will be on going late this fall and next summer.
bulletLake Erie Water Snakes:
bulletWith Kristin's (and her staff's) appreciated assistance we have only had 12 snakes killed during the construction at this point.  We have not had any reported over the last 2 weeks.
bulletWe continue to give Mike Gora opportunity to take pictures and post them on the MiddleBass.org web site.  http://www.middlebass.org/News.shtml. I encourage you to look at them.  He has some nice photos for your viewing pleasure.
bulletWe are also posting pictures and info on our ODNR web site.   http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/middlebass/tabid/766/Default.aspx
bulletThe Elevated Water Tank project:
bulletThere will be a pre construction meeting within the next couple of weeks and construction will start on this phase of the project this fall. 
bulletHarbor Master & Land Based Construction around the Marina Basin
bulletThis phase of the project will be bid next.  The "in-house" work is progressing for this phase as we prepare to bid this in the late fall.


Thank you,

Scott Doty
Regional Manager
Lake Erie Islands state Park

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