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Middle Bass Island State Park Marina Updates


Updates from 10/28 and 11/4

for earlier updates click here


received and posted 11/4/2008



I wanted to give you an update regarding the removal of some bedrock that is within the marina basin. There is a stretch of hard bedrock in center area of the Northern half of the marina basin that our mechanical methods for breaking are not working. Much of the rock was broken up and removed by using the track hoes and the buckets. Some areas of rock required a more aggressive approach of hydraulic and chemical splitting. One last area of rock is hard enough that our only choice for removal is with 2 or 3 small blasts. We have reviewed our contractor’s proposal for blasting with our own internal experts and with our regulatory agencies for approval. We expect the approval to allow these small blasts to occur between Wednesday and Friday of this week.

received 10/28 and posted 10/30/2008



It has been a bit since I last put out a note.  Things are moving forward and indeed are taking wonderful shape.  I am sure you have been able to keep up with the pictures posted on Mike Gora's web site - MiddleBass.org  I thank Mike for helping keep information in picture form out there for you to see, but also just as importantly the role of documenting the history of the island the former Lonz properties and the marina.  So here is a Thanks Mike for your effort in picture taking.

As I mentioned the marina basin is truly taking shape.  Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

Basin from the NW Corner

View of the basin if you were standing on the new sidewalk close to the new entrance on the N. E. side of the marina basin looking S.W. towards Walleyes.

Sidewalk Reinforcement

The reinforcement rebar is being put in the sidewalk that will be along the new entrance break wall.

Break walls being built

In the next couple of weeks we plan on finishing out the marina entrance.

We shall re-water the basin this fall.  We believe this should be done mid November. 

Over the winter there will not be access to the marina or facilities. 

Next Spring we will be having the docks delivered.  These are being built over the winter off site and delivered next spring.  We are still on target for some docks to be usable next June.

Next spring & summer roads will be established to the boat ramp and marina area along with walk paths within the continuing construction zone. 

The big blue barn - former Roesch barn, has been moved to a northern site for future park operations.
The water tower, will be erected next spring, with water and sewer lines being run into the marina late next summer.  Electric will also be established late next summer to the docks.  In the mean time we will be using the old standby restrooms - port-a-jons until the new infrastructure is established.  Once the new water, sewer & electric is in we should be able to hook up our restroom shower trailer and use them until we get the more permanent restrooms built. 

Things I would ask your assistance with: 

bulletWe will be planting grass seed in most of the work site areas.  Please stay off these areas so we can establish the grass and minimize extra landscaping costs fixing problem areas. 
bulletThe ramp is not usable - accessible - until we establish roads next spring.  Trying to use it now will only cost us repair problems and expenses next spring. 

Thank you,

Scott Doty
Regional Manager
Lake Erie Islands state Park

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