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North Bass Island and More

The Up and Up Club Historic Photo Gallery


The Up and Up Club on North Bass Island was formed around 100 years ago by a well-off group of eight businessmen from Cleveland, Ohio. The group included Peter Witt, inventor of the open air electric trolley. According to Ottawa County property records, the 1910 values of the 1/2 acre property were $750 for the land, and $3,800 for the house for a total property value of $4,550

The online album currently consists of 188 pictures but we have more to add at some point in the future. While some of the photos are a bit redundant and I could make a case for not publishing all of them, a few history buffs have told me that they definitely want to see all the pictures. The pictures are all from the period 1916-1922. The collection includes rare and beautiful pictures of North Bass Island, Rattlesnake Island, Hen Island, Johnson's Island and more, The 107 North Bass Island pictures are from the Memorial Day weekend of every year in that range except for 1918. The date that each picture was taken is embedded in the file name.


View the pictures. To start the slide show, click the play button in the lower right of the new window.

If you have a problem with the Flash photo gallery at the link above View the North Bass only pictures here.

Pictures 1-166 are from the Lake Erie Islands area:

bullet 1-4:Hen Island, and the Quinnebog Club there.
bullet 5-14: Johnsonís Island, or on a boat just off Johnson's Island
bullet 15-121: North Bass Island (107 pictures)
bullet1916: 15-35
bullet1917: 36-44
bullet1919: 45-61
bullet1920: 62-87
bullet1921: 88-106
bullet1922: 107-121
bullet 122-139: Put-in-Bay (18 pictures)
bullet 140-144: Rattlesnake Island
bullet 145-150: Sandusky
bullet 151-166: on a boat in Sandusky Bay

Not Lake Erie Islands, but part of the same collection:

bullet 167-169: Canton, OH
bullet 170: Cedar Point Beach
bullet 171: Detroit
bullet 172: Pittsburgh
bullet 173-180: Havana, Cuba
bullet 181-185: Sault St. Marie
bullet 186-187: Spring Lake, NJ
bullet 188: St. Johns, NB




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